What is What is ETABS Software

Engineer uses this software for multi-storied building analysis and structural design. An engineer can use this for preliminary to advanced systems under either dynamic or static conditions utilizing ETABS.

Load application based on various codes, modeling tools, and templates, various analysis systems, and solution strategies is simple with this program. Everything can manage with the grid-like geometry unique to this type of structure. Also used for a dedicated assessment of earthquake behavior, modeling and direct interaction of time-history analysis may associate with P-Delta as well as large displacement performance.

Nonlinear links associated with concentrated PMM or fiber hinges will cover material nonlinearity over monotonic or hysteretic behavior. Intuitive and integrated facilities enable applications of any criticality from a practical level to the implementation process. Internally manageable and associated with a couple more design and integration applications ETABS provides a well-managed and productive application for designs. The design ranges from the normal two-dimensional structure to a more detailed modern multi-storied structure.

Course Outline of E-Tabs

(Integrated Analysis, Design & Drafting of Building Systems)

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